Wednesday, 18 July 2012

It's all happening over there!......GRUMPY OLD FAN HAS MOVED...

There has been a new home for the general football-related morosity of the Grumpy Old Fan for a month or so - over at grumpyoldfan dot net.

If you have found this version of the site, which is no longer updated, please do come round and have a nosey over the fence, maybe even post a comment!

The older posts on this site have been transferred to the new site also.

Since moving to the new home, there have been grumps and groans on the state of modern football-fandom - half and half scarves anyone?!?!?!, tales from South-East Spain on supporter-owned initiatives, a wonderful picture of a 4-way work tie, the Catalan influence on the Spanish national side and more.

See you there!