About Me

Since June 2012, the regular updates on this site have been transferred to to the new site at grumpyoldfan dot net- please come and visit the new look Grumpy.

I am a mid-30s (my wife informs me "late 30s", but I am steadfastly clinging to "mid") grumpy ex-season ticket holder at Manchester United, with a love of football and the various spheres surrounding it, but in equal amounts, a disliking of football and the various spheres surrounding it!

I wouldn't say I am a frustrated writer, that would infer that I think I have a talent, or something moderately interesting to say! I did however, as a youngster, have a yearning to write - that was until my head was turned at A-level time towards Law (only to find I wasn't very good at that, either).

Further head-turning occurred when my first full-time job started to pay the rent and there I have been ever-since!

Work and family life keep me very busy, but writing Grumpy Old Fan has so far been an enjoyable little outlet for my musings, and if anyone finds something of interest in here, all the better...

I am very humbled to have had some of my longer posts or articles printed on such websites as http://www.elcentrocampista.com/ and http://www.inbedwithmaradona.com/ which caused me much excitement.

Grumpy Old Fan has a Google Plus page, that I am still getting to grips with. Feel free to interact there by clicking the big red G+ sign on the home page, or to the right of this page. It also has a twitter account - @grumpyoldfan99 and you can of course comment on the blog itself at the bottom of each post.