Saturday, 7 January 2012

3rd round FA cup weekend

FA Cup 3rd round weekend is already upon us. Now, of course, run over a ridiculous number of days. What was once one of the most exciting days of season- is it now just getting in way of  the league? -- grumpyoldfan99 (@grumpyoldfan99)
Or is that just a premier league take on things?

Do fans of lower league teams now already out of the cup even care about the rest of the tournament, now they are back to league duty?

Did we always hold the cup in too high regard anyway, perhaps because of the age of the tournament?

Rest of the world don't really give a monkeys about their cup competitions. Managers placing more emphasis on league survival and crowds appear to be down each year, with even rumours around of city not selling out for the Manchester derby cup tie.

Surely, though, it is a chance to dream of glory, for those still in it - let's at least hope for some upsets to keep it interesting and allow some of those dreams to flourish.


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