Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Classy Spanish Midfielder

Spanish midfielders are, of course, the best in the world at the moment - you only have to think for a second to come up with the names Xavi, Iniesta, Alonso, Fabregas, Javi Martinez, Mata etc.etc. Clubs around the rest of Europe are eyeing the Spanish conveyor belt of talent with envy - Barcelona are so well stocked with them that every time another becomes noticed elsewhere, they are immediately linked with big money moves abroad - probably with their agent having one eye on a future move, back to one of the big 2.

Want news on all these stars and more from La Liga, without having to listen to Guillem Balague's endless predictions of Mou's next move or contract negotiation, or statement that Pep is going nowhere? Want do dip a little deeper in to the well of Spanish futbol?

Look no further than - (centrocampista being the Spanish for midfielder - see what I did, there? Seamless) it's an absolute treasure trove of stories and information on all aspects of the Spanish game - a classy midfielder of the webosphere - without the Marca tradition of relegating news of anyone other than Real Madrid to a paragraph or two, 20 pages in.

Hey, they even found a space for an edited version of yours truly's last post on Athletic Club - hence my kind words, obviously! (don't ignore here for the full versions, though!)

Check there for more on the trendiest club of the moment, Athletic of course, and previews of tomorrow's exciting return leg in the Europa with Manchester United - we're in for an early evening treat if the first leg is anything to go by!


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