Wednesday, 9 November 2011

I'll get me coat......

So, my little blue-scouse mate, our Graeme, sent me a polite email asking me a simple question that deserved a short, simple answer. I duly obliged with an overblown rant that morphed quickly in to a bizarre trip down memory lane, taking in all manner of football related fluff including my insistence that the October Manchester derby has not taken place yet, as I didn't see it (on holiday), so it surely can't have happened; to the glorious day that my Granddad's team (lowly non-league Mossley AFC) thrashed local rivals high-flying conference team Stalybridge Celtic 5-0 in the cup (he missed all 5 goals buying pints at the club bar); to the state of modern football, players and agents; to championship manager and the footballing talents of Alan Cork.

The whole thing was one long moan, really. For the most part, all we really do as football fans is either moan or gloat. Any 10 minute listen to the buffoons on post-match phone-ins on the radio will give you a glimpse of that. However, a bead inspiration was misguidedly borne out of that rant. I hope it doesn't dry up too quickly!

So a little forum to air some rants, some memories or to gloat and post links to great goals, passes, saves or pictures of footballers with beards (there's that Alan Cork, again).


Being a Manchester United fan who last went to a match when the Glazers took over (athough it was the final of a number of reasons), my current relationship with football is a little bit like that of Roy Hodgson's relationship with his coat. (A man who I can now harbour a soft spot for again as he got booted out of Anfield - well done Agent Hodgson!)

It goes something like:

Little bit of strife, things not going the way planned - penalty to Liverpool -off comes the coat in a hissy-fit, thrown down in disgust in a rather theatrical manner - penalty scored, stare in to the abyss for a few seconds.....time for a bit of reflection.........retreat sheepishly to put said coat back on. (still it beats Schteve McLaren's drink from his bottle of water routine....., god I hated that, and I noticed Alex McLeish does the same thing - goal for villa, open bottle, little sip - goal for opposition, open bottle, little sip - red get the picture)

Even though I am in a self imposed live match drought; even though I have no respect for the modern footballer and his overpaid, metrosexual ways; even though I fear that my footballing world is about to be spun out of orbit by a man who is assisted in causing such by the fact that I have to fill my car with fuel; even though I may struggle to pass on the torch of being a united fan to my son- even with all those factors and more - I can't bring myself to leave that coat lying on the ground for too long.....


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