Friday, 18 November 2011

Nothin' proper 'bout your propaganda

When deciding to have a bit of a rant and moan online, I didn't have the intention of necessarily tackling any weighty issues nor of being very up to the minute with news or topics relying on reminisces and memories instead. A million words have already been written and spoken on this week's particular hot topic, so adding some of my own to the soup of barely read tomes seem superfluous - however, as my musings take the slant of moaning in exasperation about many of the issues that modern football throws up - I just couldn't help myself!

The curious case of Mr Blatter....

Fifa does a lot of work on the Kick it Out campaign. A lot of good work. That is not in question. Our friend Sepp seems to have just picked away at the seams of the campaign in the manner of a child pulling the thread on his school trousers - he has uttered a few ill-chosen words with no apparent thought to the possible outcome. The trousers have fallen down.

With two current high-profile alleged incidents under investigation in the Premier League, the question was there to be asked - the interviewer could probably not believe his luck. Surely, the correct answer to the question, though, from someone at the very top of the world game, no less, should have either been a well thought out condemnation of any acts of racism that may go on - or a politician's answer. Explain how much FIFA are doing to eradiate racism, or promote tolerance. That he had trust that the FA would deal with these incidences appropriately, etc. We would probably have been dissatisfied with a side-step answer - but that is surely better than what was said.

After uttering the words that in effect stated - anything goes - what happens on the pitch should stay on the pitch - it is all part of the game - his people then saw fit to quickly post that he had been misunderstood and to prove it, posted the page complete with a smiling photo of Mr Blatter with Tokyo Sexwale - a black South African minister who had been imprisoned during the apartheid era.

Speaking to the BBC, Sepp has no said: "It hurts and I am still hurting because I couldn't envisage such a reaction." Unfortunately, it really does appear that Mr Blatter is slightly out of touch on both this matter and the world as a whole, I'd wager.

I will now be buying in bulk and offering for sale to FIFA a large number of industrial-strength Gripper Rods - with the amount of stuff they are trying to sweep under the carpet, they must be in dire need. Perhaps they could become an official partner for the next world cup.


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